Joining orphanage @the summer house cleanup

We were invited to join the Orphanage 31 on the annual cleanup trip ahead of the season start @ their summer camp on May 21st. And we are totally doing it. Other volunteers and the institution’s former graduates are going too.

Beach in Ushkovo

The place is located @ the beautiful Ushkovo on the Gulf of Finland’s northern coast. This is where the orphanage used to be located full-time 65 yrs ago. They were heating up with wood and carrying water from the river at the time. Until a newer building was built for them in St. Petersburg and they started using the old location as a vacation place.

About 5 yrs ago, new buildings and a kitchen were built there instead of the old ones. The staff’s cabins are still old, as well as the music auditorium, that need renovation.


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