Kids TV @school and orphanage

We are ready to present our first project.IMG_20160321_111652

That is going to be a school in the new disctrict in the South-West of St. Petersburg, the so called Baltic Pearl.

The facility has amaaazing equipment, incl. digital classrooms, a big auditorium, a modern library, where we are planning to locate a media studio for the school-goers, and a huge screen in the lobby. Worth mentioning, they also have a nice gym, a ballet room, and an own pool.

The school’s principal Anna Malaya is open to cooperation with abroad and making today’s school as interactive, creative, and refreshing as possible.


An orphanage in the Moscow District of St. Petersburg is joining starting this summer. The regulation on private cooperation with such institutions has sharpened and we’ll need to make an official contract with them. The children institution also has a great summer vacation base in Ushkovo, just outside the pretty Zelenogorsk suburb (old Terijoki) on the shore of Gulf of Finland.


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